We’re A Research, Innovation & Digital Automation Powerhouse

We focus on architecture first, providing a solid and stable platform to realise your ambitions and provide digital automation on all fronts for long-term, minimum-cost support.

Our engineers are a multi-national group with special interests on the forefront of technological innovation, and provide an incredibly rare and unique consultancy environment to foster growth in organisations of all sizes.

Financial Partnership Contracts

Easy-to-understand, straight-forward financial agreements to suit and provide long-term support for commercial and financial ventures of all sizes.

Software Infrastructure

Streamline your business processes with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Machine Learning (ML/AI) on our digital platform to achieve super-human outcomes! Built and maintained by us and our international team of rockstar developers, consultants, clients and partners.

Franchising and Licensing

Models for rapid business expansion through franchise options, intellectual property licensing and media rights agreements to support formula-proven growth through royalties.

Secure Automated Payment Systems

Launch your first company, app, product or eco-project idea with us - we support startups and sustainable initiatives around the world to create a better future for everyone.


We challenge convention and are obsessed with optimisation, automation and efficiency. Figuring out what works and building Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) and prototypes form the core of our services. We are forever in pursuit of progress.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Low-power, low-bandwidth, high-performance integrated or standalone industrial components designed and built in the UK by our very own engineers for any IoT applications, domestic and commercial.

(App) Software Development

Server-side web applications, and native apps built for Android and IOS platforms, Windows, Linux, Mac OSX and bespoke controllers for SOCs and single-board computers. Any target platform(s), at any time!

Machine Learning (ML)

For Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications - Data warehousing, cluster management, algorithm generation and continuous autonomous modification, data training, and implementation of supervised and unsupervised learning systems

XR Development (AR/VR)

Mixed reality and games development on popular Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) platforms for commercial and domestic programs on mobile phones, desktop PCs or AAA console platforms (Xbox/PlayStation/Oculus/SteamVR).

Fulfilment ERP

Product inventory and composition mapping, component procurement, warehousing (stock, audit and delivery) processing, double-entry financial dashboards, real-time sync across multiple sites and locations, built-in CRM

Enterprise Networking

Real-Time Communications (RTC) for global surveillance and conference call services, facilitating low-latency, peer-to-peer (P2P) connectivity via a proprietary, direct peer socket broker service

Why Us

We're looking for partners for long-term financial relationships. We can leverage our reach, and our technical expertise to build and maintain profitable commercial solutions. We invest in our clients and focus on the long-term return of a healthy business relationship.


From software and app development to licensing and deployment of entire commercial success models, we create partnerships where reward and responsibility are in balance.


Navigating commercial landscapes and preparing initiatives for success means you can go further with less, we bake efficiency into every plan and are willing to invest in good ideas.


We're here for good, we provide technology as a service and ongoing support through our network of professionals to see you thrive and repeat.


We have vested interests in all ventures, and share revenue with stakeholders and service providers. We deduce a working formula to ensure all necessary parties are sustained for each project's ongoing operation.

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Op Overwatch

Global Surveillance Management App

The Covert Group

Socket Tunnel Web Application


Whitelabel Paperless Kennel Management App

Adjudication Services

Contract Builder and Legal Representation Membership Service

The Mosaic Cafe

Collection & Home Delivery Web Service

Twynersh Fishing Complex

SaaS Ecommerce platform and mobile app development for ticket and lakes-management

Le Palmiste Enterprises

Barcode and Scanner Infrastructure to Manage Fulfilment of Physical Products


Gamification and Reporting Infrastructure


Mass Marketing Web Infrastructure to Support Partner Discounts and Voucher Codes


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